Should We Start Promoting for Charts Ranking?

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    I know you guys are releasing the charts in a few months, but should we start promoting our music to get top ranks? I suppose you can't share what can rank our music higher?

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    @Soundgine , I'm not sure if you guys are doing this or not, but I think it'd be great to have multiple lists/charts. Myflashstore does this.. but their different charts are so similar so it defeats the purpose; you just see the exact same people on different charts. They have like "most beats sold" and "top earners"... which are soooo correlated that it's pretty stupid to have two different rankings for those.

    But it'd be cool to have a chart to show the highest sellers, the most traffic, maybe a soundgine staff selection of the week, a list of random paying members, etc... just so it's easy to explore and everyone has an opportunity.

    The unfortunate thing about soundclick is that it's a cycle. If you're on top on soundclick, you're gonna be on top on soundclick because of the volume of traffic you get from being on top on soundclick. Making it very hard for newcomers to make a name for themselves, and it creates a very boring chart to watch, as it's always just the same names.

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    You hit it @OxygenBeats We plan on maximizing exposure from the top guys to people that have just uploaded new material with no exposure. We will have everyone covered. We also have a seasoned music producer manually giving juice to tracks that are hot so it's not all mechanical.

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    @musicbox Short answer, YES.

    We already have people on the ranking system but we obviously can't show the public the rankings until it's done, but the ranking factors count right now.

    We definitely can't reveal the exact algorithm on ranking but most of it is common sense. Have people listen to your music, have people like it, add Youtube to your tracks among other factors. The more exposure, the better the rank.

    I will tell you that buying likes and plays will actually hurt your ranking. The system will detect same ip's, same country, proxy spoofs and drop your ranking accordingly so it's just not worth it.

    We are pushing for a super fair system.


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