Add A Company Logo / Artist Name In Your Control Panel

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    I know what you're thinking, "Really, the new update is adding a logo to the control panel?" We have a method to our madness
    Taken from our forum :

    "Log into your control panel and upload your company logo. Keep in mind that this logo will be shown in the charts system and market when it’s complete. Initially we were going to pull the track artwork for the image but that does nothing to your brand.


    Branding should be on the forefront of your marketing strategy and it must be consistent so people remember. Make sure you logo is 80×80 when your uploading, if its not we have a cropping system in place.

    And let’s face it, it’s cool to have your brand logo inside the Control Panel."

    Basically, prep work for the charts and market. Also there is an artist field to put in your "Artist Name". This is useful for people that don't want to go by their subdomain name or want to change it for some reason like rebranding, etc.



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    Ignition sequence....

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    And so it begins. Soundgine gang.


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