Welcome D.C. Douglas (Voiceover, TV, Games)

  1. 4 years ago


    28 Apr 2016 Administrator User since 2014 Los Angeles + 17985 RP

    D.C. Douglas (Voiceover, TV, Games)

    We like to introduce a new Soundgine member D.C. Douglas. He has work includes:

    - Transformers
    - Street Fighter X Tekken
    - Resident Evil
    - NBA2K14
    - 2 Broke Girls
    - Disney & Nickelodeon
    - Tons more

    If anybody needs his services, check him out here https://www.dcdouglas.com/
    His voiceovers will be excellent for tags and video instructions

    Hopefully he drops by and says hello :)

  2. minty

    28 Apr 2016 User since 2016 + 469 RP
    Edited 4 years ago by minty

    Ah yes, I remember him on TV. Very cool! Think his voice would be awesome for producer trailers (cinema style)

  3. Deleted 4 years ago by Soundgine
  4. grim

    28 Apr 2016 User since 2016 + 380 RP

    I'm definitely using this guy. Didn't see his rates anywhere though.

  5. Katt

    28 Apr 2016 User since 2016 + 182 RP

    Ha, that's awesome. Now I'm going to try to hear/see him watching 2 broke girls <(^.^)>

  6. 5 weeks ago


    Sep 8 San Fransisco + 84 RP

    D.C. Douglas is a legend. He's still a Soundgine member. I still remember playing Resident Evil listening to the character Wesker, had no idea that was D.C. Douglas.

    I've seen voiceover projects run from $400 - $1000 per small project, way more for full film dialogue. Money aside just seems like a whole lot of fun.


  7. musicbox

    Sep 8 User since 2014 Barcelona, Spain + 987 RP

    So dope. Never seem him on the charts, did he opt-out?

  8. OHLY

    Sep 8 Administrator User since 2015 London - Los Angeles + 1293 RP

    Truthfully, a lot of our subscribers have opted out of the charts because they specialize in film and the entertainment industry, basically they just use the player to hold demo tracks and focus on private sales.

    Personally I had no idea D.C. Douglas was with us (star)
    We have a surprisingly high amount of voiceover talent on our platform.
    @musicbox' Great...now I need to replay some Resident Evil! (heart)


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