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  1. 3 years ago

    Not sure if' @Soundgine' knows anything about this, but this is my problem:

    I use MailChimp to send out automated emails to artists, which includes the welcome page for my 2 free beats. But recently, they now require the "from" email to be a domain name (as opposed a gmail, yahoo, etc) for the emails to be sent.

    So, I tried to set up a email forwarding system from NameCheap (which is where I got my domain name) and they said I would need to change the server names to their default names for it to work or set up a email redirect system through whoever manages my DNS (which I have no idea what all this jibberish is lol). I know if I were to change the server names it would cause Soundgine problems so I'm assuming I have to do this "redirect email" set up through Soundgine, but I have no idea if we have these settings...

    Can anyone help?

    Thanks in advance,

  2. Breeze

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    I'm pretty sure when you get your domain name you get an MX record for that as well

    What is an MX record?

    An MX record tells senders how to send email for your domain.

    When your domain is registered, it’s assigned several DNS records, which enable it to be located on the Internet. These include MX records, which direct the domain’s mail flow. Each MX record points to an email server that’s configured to process mail for that domain. There’s typically one record that points to a primary server, then additional records that point to one or more backup servers. For users to send and receive email, their domain's MX records must point to a server that can process their mail.

    To filter email through the message security service, you must insert new records that point to the message security service's servers.


    When you find your MX record got to VUE > General Settings > Transfer Domain> and enter in your MX record there.

  3. Tristan

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    That's crazy, so Mailchimp is requiring a domain name email? That's a bad move from those guys. Yes, spammers generally use free email accounts but tons of legit people use them. Sounds like they are throwing the baby out with the bath water.

    Any chance you can copy and paste the email here? I'd like to see what they are saying in detail' @TheGreenAlien'

  4. '@Breeze' I tried to access my MX records through NameCheap and I basically need to change the server names to their defaults to access them (which I already mentioned). So they said to contact my DNS provider because supposedly my MX records are there..

  5. '@Tristan' This was their explanation: "Some free email providers, like Yahoo and AOL, have adopted strict DMARC policies to prevent spam and spoofing. This means if you use an email service provider like MailChimp or one of our competitors, and you provide a Yahoo email address as a campaign’s From email address, Yahoo’s DMARC policy will tell receiving servers that the email should be rejected because it wasn’t sent through a Yahoo server." And later they also mention that Hotmail, Gmail, etc will soon be doing the same thing (which in my case Gmail has started already) :(

  6. itbangz

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    you can create google mail with your domain name.


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