The Presidential Race

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    Just curious what people's thoughts are on the presidential race. I know it's probably a controversial subject, but I think we can all be civil while discussing our ideas.

    I, myself, am undecided. I was originally leaning Hillary, but after I started looking into things, I am now leaning Bernie. But now, it's not looking too good for Bernie. Kasich looked pretty level headed on the conservative side, but he's definitely getting crushed. However, I've actually started gaining some respect for Trump, so if it's Hilary vs Trump, I'm not sure who I'd support.

    The one candidate I would definitely NOT support is Cruz (or the other less popular super-conservatives). He's too radical. He kinda represents the religious zealot, anti-science thing too much in my opinion, and he just seems soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo fake. What are your guys' thoughts? I have a feeling most artists and people in our industry support Bernie, but if you don't, speak up anyway! haha

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    The president is nothing more than the "face" of our government that doesn't have real power to make any significant changes. The real people that run the country are corporations. The merger of corporations and government have really destroyed Americans.

    I look at the current lineup of candidates and think none of them matter. But let's just say we have a candidate that really does want to make a difference and makes it to presidency, they still wouldn't be able to do much because the house is VERY corrupt.

    The only way the government will work "for the people" is when people start a revolution where they march the streets you see in other countries. Americans are too laid back, but one day it will get so bad, people will take the streets and demand change.

    Well worth a watch

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    This guy nailed it.

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    '@OxygenBeats' Bravo for bringing this up.

    This is always a good one

    Until Congress stops taking bribes, I refuse to vote

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    Yeah, I pretty much agree. The president really is more of a figure head; a symbol. I don't really believe the president has as much power as most people would believe, and I usually don't vote either. But if Bernie is up for election, I feel like I would for the first time in my life, be compelled to vote, he just feels so authentic and humanitarian.

    But have you guys seen the douche and the turd South Park episode? lol

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    (here's a better video of the debate: )

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    Every time Bernie says the word "corporation" I take a shot of Jack Daniels x_x

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    I would be very impressed if Bernie was actually elected president, being that this country is run by "corporations" lol.

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    '@minty' lmfao
    @OHLY' yeah, I've been out of the country for the past week, but the last I heard, Bernie wasn't doing too well.


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