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    This is mainly aimed at' @mixscape' and' @SkillyMusic'

    You guys said in another thread that you speak French (Mixscape) and German (Skilly), and that you're not comfortable speaking English. Yet, if you guys hadn't said that, I would believe that you guys were just as fluent as I am.

    This just drives my curiosity, because it can have a big affect on how I understand international people might consume my content, being similar to you guys. Did you guys just learn how to read/write/type english, and not how to speak it at all? Clearly, you can type as well as anyone here, so again, I'm just curious. How did you guys learn English? What did you learn English for, how long ago did you decide to learn english and how long have you been able to communicate on English speaking forums like this, etc...?

    When I speak in a video, do you guys understand that?

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    '@OxygenBeats' good point. I know I've had a couple of pretty funny conversations using translate where the other person is left wondering "Who is this guy ? and whats he on" LOLOL Do you guys find that you sometimes misunderstand slang terms because that usually trips me up the most. for example In Aus we use the line "Yeah Right" as an answer to almost any statement. P1: This happened to me the other day P2 Answers "Yeah right" by saying that I'm am agreeing with P1's statement, Ive had a lot of people say no really it actually happened Im telling the truth !!

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    '@rfbeat' haha I hadn't thought about that one, but it's true. In the U.S., we usually say "yeah right" when we're being sarcastic. And if we really mean it, we usually leave a pause after "yeah".... and then say "right". And that of course gets lost in translation when you just have text. Perhaps you could use periods or commas, but most people don't even use punctuation online lol

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    yeah I'm sure I've upset a few people with my unintentional aussie slag lol :)

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    @rfbeat' yeah I'm sure I've upset a few people with my unintentional aussie slag lol :)

    same lol
    @OxygenBeats' i must say its more easier for me to write in english than speaking (it ask me to put in more effort to speak english). The fact is half of my customers are coming from US , so i learned english by talking with my customers and by watching TV (i prefer original voice than voice over dubbing) and i keep up to learn everyday. When i watch a movie / a youtube video in english i understand most of the phrases / words excepted if the guys are talking too much faster. So, if you want to be understood by europeans i suggest you to speak a lil bit slowly (but its more easier to say than do lol)

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    '@rfbeat' haha XD
    @OxygenBeats' Your last question just cracked me up haha XD
    So in my case, we had english in school for 9 years and even though I didn't really give that much of a fuck in school, I think that's how I really learned the basics. I also learned a lot through listening to hip hop actually. Some things you just catch up, cause it's repeated all the time, other things you have to look up, if you really want to know what the rapper is trying to say. Then there's movies, nba basketball commentary, tutorials, interviews and things like that. Also my cousin's Australian and I chatted with her a lot when I was younger. So, I don't understand everything, especially when it comes to politics and economics, but almost everything else is just fine.

    So it's like you are confronted with the english language all the time, like almost every single day. I sometimes have an english thought and I've even dreamt in english lol. It's just that you rarely get to speak it. I think that's the main reason. It's not that I cannot talk. It's just that it would take me some time to say what I want and I would make some mistakes I think. And I'm not like a confident, talkative type of person anyway and I kind of want the things I say to be correct and sound at least decent, so that makes it even tougher. When I post in this forum or something, it's cool because I can take my time to write you know. But I have to double check all the time, look things up to make sure I'm not writing any nonesense etc. etc. so sometimes it can get exhausting haha. Just to give you an example. I just wrote that I would make mistakes, if I talked in english. Now, I wasn't 100% sure if "mistake" is really the right word to use in this context. I was like "I think "mistakes" is correct, but dammit there's also "errors" "faults" "flaws" etc." loool. So I just double checked to make sure. Also I still have some trouble with english prepositions like "on" "in" "at" "for" "by" and stuff cause they somewhat differ from german.

    In Germany btw kids have to learn english in school. I think nowadays they even begin at a younger age like 9 or something (I began at 12) so I think the english skills in general will get better. Especially cause they'll grow up with all that tech and social media and stuff like that.

    Anyways I'm so glad that you said that you didn't realize it, that's so nice to hear, because oftentimes when I post something, I'm not a 100% sure if it's completely correct and if not, how facepalm-ish the mistake would be you know, so yeah thanks, that just made my day!!! :)

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    '@SkillyMusic' You're welcome; it's the truth! I've heard/read from native English speakers who I can't understand at all, and it's amazing that you guys aren't native speakers but are so well spoken (or typed lol)
    @mixscape' huh, that's actually really good advice. You're right that's it's one thing to say and another thing to do, but perhaps speaking slower should be something I could focus more on. I think that most people speak really fast in internet videos to cut down on time, but it's interesting to know that there are pros/cons to that.

    Overall, the information you guys have shared just now is extreeeeemely insightful for me. I think this is something that a lot of English speakers in the industry should take note of. I don't think we really think about this too much; but of course, establish relationships in other countries is a very powerful thing and becoming more and more common with the internet.

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