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    I know there are some producers here that have worked with major labels and artists. I would love to here how you got the opportunity to get a placement or how you got in the industry.

  2. mixscape

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    ive worked with Passi , a famous rapper in my country (France). i won a music composition contest (amongst 10,000 producers) co-organized by his own label (issap production) and Warner chappell music.
    After that, i ve worked with some other known artists from passi's label : jocelyne labylle (french grammy award), abou nidal (well known african artist)..

    Later i produced the track "my balls " for Ray William Johnson (almost 30 million views youtube), the first one from the video series "Your Favorite Martian". Ray WJ posted a thread in the rocbattle forum cause he needed some original beats. i sent him a few tracks and voila..

    ive also created more than 100 remixs for MjTunes , the official Michael Jackson web radio (recognized by sony, among others). I'm the DJ, jingle creator..
    Some of my remixs have been acclaimed by the fans ,a good example is the "stranger in moscow " remix (turn off the radio at the bottom to see the video remix). MjTunes is one of my own projects, ive created the radio/website from scratch with 2 of my friends, ten years ago.

    And ive had the pleasure to work with some artists that have been very successful such as Shane The Golden Voice (Shane was a member of a popular band in the 90's: S.O.U.L. S.Y.S.T.E.M. , they made the hit single : it's gonna be a lovelyday ) . He's fallen in love with my music and contacted me, we have worked on a few tracks for his upcoming album this year.

    I also work for some big names companies, brands (tv and radio commercials,corporates videos,video game..) in France.
    At first, i ve contacted tons of them by phone and ,one day, after a tons of negative answers i finally got a positive one (Tour de France), then another one, then another one..

    Work Hard, Believe in Yourself and Never Give Up !

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    '@mixscape' ahhh, you've worked with Tour De France?? I'm a big cyclist, I love cycling; which is kinda against the norm here in the U.S.

  4. mixscape

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    '@OxygenBeats' yeah i made a few remixs for tour de france. Personnally most of the time i'm running cause its easier in my city but yeah cycling is great ! May be it's again the norm in US but however you have some great champions.

  5. Wow' @mixscape' that's great! I've learned a lot about not giving up. Thanks for giving us your story!

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    '@AlienMusic' you're welcome ;)

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    I haven't listened to My Balls before. Pretty catchy! reminds me about Les Demons de Minuit by Images and Don't stop the Music by Riri! Tres Radio!

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    Thanks Baobao ;)


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