Credit Card checkout (Stripe)

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    Would like to know if could consider using stripe as a credit card checkout system i know that myflashstore and beatstars using it for there platform its no big processing fees here"s a link about stripe.

  2. Volume

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    Stripe is horrible. I used it once on a application only to have them "lose" our payments. Basically got ripped off $800 in sales.

    The excuse they gave me was payouts are not given if "THEIR" system had a glitch despite having my own records and customers willing to testify for sales.

    Turns out I wasn't the only one with this issue.

  3. musicbox

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    I guess having more choices doesn't hurt. but on the other hand Stripe got hammered in it's reviews and they are not old, but new complaints. Guess Soundgine is looking out for us: (Scroll down to the comments section)

  4. Soundgine

    27 Jan 2016 Administrator User since 2014 Los Angeles + 17566 RP

    In considering Stripe, we found major issues including the inability to protect our customers from fraud. Stripe has no phone number to contact them immediately if there's an issue not to mention way too many instances of them denying payment from legit credit cards.

    This is why we decided on the biggest and reputable merchants like 2checkout, & Paypal. You may pay a little more on fees but you're paying for protection and the seamless purchasing process where they actually check CVV / CVC's in each credit card transaction.

    Once Stripe fixes their basic core issues, we may consider using their API for a payment gateway, but as of now, we don't feel comfortable having our customers go through this service.

  5. OHLY

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    Had a friend use Stripe and he made a $2500 sale. Soon after Stripe sent him an email that they could no longer do business with them and they would hold it for 90 days. Yes....90 Days.

    They have the reputation of freezing, then closing, then running away with your money.

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    any plans integrating / ?


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