Sales increasing, More interaction..

  1. 4 years ago

    Sound Variety

    8 Jan 2016 User since 2015 USA + 865 RP

    HUGE thanks to the' @Soundgine' and' @Codemaker' crew for rolling out the new M6. I've noticed an increase in sales and more likes/interaction on Facebook. As a result of having my FB link in the bio, it's right in their faces. Regarding the sales, the cool thing is they are from brand new customers. I'm glad the player allowed them to find what they were looking for and check out smoothly. :)

  2. godlike

    8 Jan 2016 User since 2015 New York + 842 RP

    I was about to post the same thing!

  3. Soundgine

    8 Jan 2016 Administrator User since 2014 Los Angeles + 17776 RP

    '@Sound Variety' That's awesome to hear! Anytime you make customers go from a comfortable player onto a different player with completely different dynamics it makes people nervous but we are 100% sure that it's a better experience for both the Soundgine player owner and purchaser.

    We're not done tweaking and refining the player so more improvements and options are coming.


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