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  1. 4 years ago
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    Hi, I have a question about conversing with artists online.I mostly use Instagram and am most active there(close to 5200 followers). I know I need to post more consistently so it could improve my branding, but I also use a lot of my time there commenting on artists' posts, liking them,etc. I make sure I actually listen to someone so I can honestly say to them that they are dope.I Just don't want to lie. I'll usually hit them up after I comment/like and just compliment their song I just heard, followed by a question. It will a lot of times go something like this. "Hey what's up bro, that song is really dope!how long you been rapping?" Now, suprisingly a lot of people don't respond.It's not that hard to miss a DM, second, some don't even reply but they read it. A lot do respond though,and I try to just talk. It's very hard though when some people literally reply with "3 years". People lack conversation skills I swear. There are some who send a couple messages before I respond. Besides asking if they have a project I could check out, or something I don't really know how to have some super in depth with someone unless they contribute to the conversatin also. A lot of times I send snippets to their email (but I want them to my website) and They'll listen and say how dope they were(I've always had positive feedback) I always get people saying they gonna buy it (insert any time in near future) even had people reuqest beats, I finish within a day, they don't respond. So basically what are some really good ways to network/talk to someone to basically have them fiending for my beats. Clearly my method is missing something due to so many flakes. I don't just go there and say "hey buy some beats blah blah" I ask about them, comverse, I guess how I do I make that last for a couple days. Thanks.

  2. '@FrozenjaZzBeats' I know bro! Some guy came to me, asked me to send some, a custom one too, Finished in a day, and he wanted to buy two exclusives. I hit him up a couple days later and asked if he still was interested and he said "yeah" haven't talked since.