Automatic SOLD mark after exclusive rights bought

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    HI guys,

    I am new here, greetings to you all!

    Got stuck on this one - I see that I can manually set beat to SOLD status, but is there option to set beat as sold automatically after someone purchase exclusive license?

    Sorry if someone asked the same question, I was unable to find it on this forum.

  2. Soundgine

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    Welcome to the forum' @gangabeats'

    As long as you keep the column name set at "Exclusive" it will automatically be marked as sold if the beat is purchased. If you change the name from "Exclusive" to something else you will have to manually mark it as "sold"

  3. OxygenBeats

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    Yeah, that's the default behavior! Of course.... I don't think I've actually sold an exclusive in the system to test it out.... most people want to at least have a conversation with you before making a big purchase like an exclusive, and usually you end up sending them a special paypal link or something. That way you seem bit more personal/sincere, and you might have offered them a specific price not on the player.

    Still, I think it's great to have the ability to sell exclusives instantly/automatically when desired.

    Anyway, yeah. That's the default lol

  4. gangabeats

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    '@Soundgine'' @OxygenBeats' Thank you for your answers, they are very helpful :)


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