$900 In Sales

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    My story comes from the street literally being homeless for 6 months. I used to still do at times sell music on CD for $5 to anybody thats interested. I jumped on Soundgine and made no sales for two months so i closed my account. I HAD the wrong attitude at the time and signed up again with a different approach.

    ive been selling for two months and made $900. This is just the start and in my eyes this is success. I made these sales from making business cards going to local shows and handing cards out.

    This is my success story B)

  2. Griffin

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    I think the best success stories are the 1st beat sell story. That first beat sell can change your life! Doesn't matter if your beat sell was $5.

  3. godlike

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    Hey' @Royal'

    I salute you for changing your life and being strong willed. I have a quick story to tell. I was at the beach pier and there was this homeless guy playing acoustic guitar for money. After he finished playing a song another homeless man sat down beside him and was talking about how hard his life was.

    The homeless guitar player straight up told the other guy to be strong and bunch of other positive comments and was floored that even though he was in a bad position in life, he had enough strength to uplift somebody else.

  4. legendarybeatz

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    Thaf's amazing' @godlike' glad to hear about your success. Only good things from here on out.

  5. Razor

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    I'm with' @legendarybeatz' on this one.

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    '@Royal' Saw your recent post, not sure why you didn't resurrect this one but anyway. Here's the deal with the new M6 player. I should make a new post, screw it I will but in short sales are better now.

  7. '@Royal', I love that! You just motivated me. This is exactly why we all are here. Keep it up!

  8. sixx

    14 Jan 2016 User since 2015 New Mexico + 562 RP

    '@AlienMusic' 100% agreed.

  9. Ibsenproducer

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  10. knocksquared

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    Great story !!


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