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    I'm new to Soundgine. I have a WordPress website and wanted to know which player to embed on the site? Most of my customers are using phones and tablets. So I wanted a player that looks good on a computer and on mobile devices.' @Soundgine'

  2. Sound Variety

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    Welcome' @MTC' !

    You can use ENGINE as the default and then if a mobile user/iPad users come through to listen and buy it will automatically load the mobile version. Far as looks... the mobile version isn't as dolled up as Engine but it's simplicity for potential customers to buy your heat. Good luck!


  3. MTC

    25 Aug 2015 User since 2015 + 88 RP

    Thanks' @bbotabasco'. I am trying it out now. I noticed that my voice tag isn't playing from a mobile device but I can hear it on the beats from a computer. Is that how it's supposed to work?

  4. Soundgine

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    Welcome' @MTC' Nice to see you on here!

    Apple devices only stream one audio stream at a time now. You can hear your voicetag on desktop computers and Android devices. I think Soundgine forced multiple streams on Apple devices but it was really unstable, so they removed it for Apple mobile devices.

    So I recommend you burn in your voicetag with your beat for the demo track. Yes, it's more work but there are about 100 tools and programs that can separate the voicetag and real beat if somebody wants to steal your beat.

    Burning in your voicetag is the only safe way to protect your beat.


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