Hi, I'm new and have a couple questions

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    Hello, I am Halfcab and I just signed up and am working on my settings and uploading. When it comes to the contract part, and someone buys a beat, they get the contract with beat, then what? How Do I make sure they sign it, How do they return it? If they don't is the whole thing voided?I just got a free trial for echo sign and sent a contract to someone but how does this system work?Also what should go in my terms of service? SHould the contract go there so they have to accept it before purchase? thanks.

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    You can't ever make sure they sign it, but if the artist is serious about their business and career they know it's best to sign it. The contracts get sent to them automatically if you upload them in your admin panel in Beats > Manage Contracts

    I would upload a zip file so you can upload both your contract and an important "read me first" doc and explains why they should sign and return and how the license contract will be void if they don't sign. So it's definitely in their best interest to sign since they just paid for your music.

    The Terms and Service part is a legal must, this is what they agree to before they purchase. So in your terms and service you can add a "you must sign the contract in order to make it legally binding"....

    I'm not an experienced lawyer but I do know that the terms and service part of the checkout system can save your ass in court, since the end user can simply say they never got any contract or supplemental info after the purchase.

    I don't have a sample Terms and Service script but hopefully somebody on this forum can provide some type of template.

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    Oh and welcome to the forum' @halfcabbeats' :)

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    This is a couple sample music producers contract, but it will need tweaking. If anybody has a lightweight slimmed down version, that would be awesome.

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    Here is a slimmed down sample that has lease, premium and exclusive right examples. Just replace the yellow highlighting to your info, plus you will need to modify it further to fit your business. This is just a base example.

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    Just stop for a second, take a moment, and think "why am I requesting their signature"? You don't need a signature from them to give them anything. You only need a signature if they are giving you something, as proof that they really are responsible for getting whatever that is to you.

    As the copyright holder, you by default have all the rights and they have none. You're giving THEM rights, not the other way around. YOUR signature is the one that matters, you don't need a signature from them because you're not requesting anything from them.

    If you wanted to set up a contract where a client will buy x amount of beats in a month for the next year, then you would need to get their signature, to ensure they will hold up to their end of the bargain. Or, if you are charging a percentage of royalties from the client, then you'd need their signature because you are requesting something from them.

    But if it's just a one time payment for rights, you don't need their signature.

  8. Thank you all!' @Volume' ,' @Helix ,@Royal,'and' @OxygenBeats'. So pretty much, I upload the contracts already signed by me, and in the zip file and with the beat, I have a "read me" telling them it's their best interest to sign the contract that was sent upon payment, and put that also in the TOS. Even if they don't sign i'm good since I specifically told them to sign it and they agreed to before purchase. also I had these two contracts from some website(exclusive and leasing) would you mind taking a look and telling me if it is a good contract? Thanks so much for this help.

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    Are you requesting royalties from your clients? Because if not, I don't see any reason to require a signature in the first place. Why require a signature when you don't need it? You should want to provide the best, most streamlined customer experience for your clients.

  10. '@OxygenBeats' I figured just incase they break the terms and I want to do something I could say "they signed a contract" but that's where the TOS come in I guess

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    Without that contract, they have no rights at all. So what's the point?

    By default, the only person with rights to a copyrighted work is the copyright holder. Everyone besides the copyright holder has no intellectual rights to that intellectual property. The copyright holder can give/sell/license off rights as they see fit, but by default, no one else has any rights to your works.

    You're not responsible for proving that they DON'T have rights... THEY are responsible for proving that they DO have rights. Make sense? The burden of proof is on their shoulders.

    The "contract" your talking about is only for THEM to prove they have rights. It serves no purpose/has no benefit to you as the beat maker UNLESS you are asking for royalties or you have some sort of other arrangement made for the future (i.e. the client will buy 10 beats a month for $100; or something like that). Therefore, having YOUR signature on the "contract" is important, but having the clients doesn't matter.

    Having a client sign for the rights you've given them is like having a customer at a local store sign their own copy of their receipt. Like, you CAN sign your own receipt if you really want to, but there's no point since your receipt is for your own protection, not the store's. When you go to return an item to Walmart for example, they don't look for your signature on your receipt.

    The question is, are you asking for royalties? If you're not, you don't need their signature.

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    '@OxygenBeats' okay I got it now, thanks so much for this I was confused, Just overthinking lol, I really appreciate it bro

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    '@halfcabbeats' no problem!


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