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    Somebody (I forget who) mentioned something about the sales charts here on soundgine. I love that the soundgine team implemented these sales charts, plays charts, and likes charts however, they don't give you a great deal of information.

    For instance, the play chart only shows the number of plays for the last 10 songs you uploaded. This does not help when your trying to figure out how many plays ALL of your songs are getting each day unless you manually go on your site and check by looking at the playstore and manually keeping track of the play count (huge hassle doing that)

    It would be nice if the chart shows you all of your song plays and gives you a green up arrow that shows how many more plays your songs have gotten since the last time you checked them. (Same principle can be applied to the 'likes' chart)

    For the sales chart, it would be nice if you could check your daily sales, weekly sales, monthly sales, and life time sales.

  2. Soundgine

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    Already in our "Do Sooner Than Later" todo list.

  3. countmorris

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    '@soundgine' Cheers to that !

  4. Volume

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