Whats Up Fam!

  1. 4 years ago

    Hello everyone;
    We are 2PartsAnalog. We are a husband and wife producer team. We write for film and TV and we write for artist. We love Soundgine and we are looking forward to making tons of networking connections. We are here to help so if you have any questions please ask.

  2. Dreamstar

    12 Dec 2014 User since 2014 Italy + 714 RP

    Welcome aboard! I think that's really cool that it's a husband and wife team. Great way to push each other right? I would add a profile image and a signature to your profile so people can visit your website.

  3. [deleted]

    12 Dec 2014 User since 1970

    Goddamn, I need to marry a woman who knows her music someday. I'm too busy building my music business to flirt around, but if I could somehow combine the two.... that'd be AWESOME bwahahaha


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