Beats won't play problem

  1. 6 months ago


    12 May 2021 User since 2015 + 921 RP

    @Codemaker @Soundgine Beats won't play on website, sometimes it play only 1 beat and don't play other beats (tried with different browsers / devices)

    Can you fix this ?


  2. Codemaker

    27 May 2021 Administrator User since 2014 + 2077 RP

    There's no issue with beats playback. I just tested your website and the beats are playing fine. Please let me know if you can still re-generate the issue and let me know the browser/os where it doesn't work.


  3. 4 months ago


    Jul 27 User since 2017 + 259 RP

    I’m having the same issue @Soundgine and @Codemaker . They were playing fine yesterday and then today 2 of my songs won’t play.


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