Some Beats Are Not Playing

  1. 9 months ago


    I hope all is well. The 3 tracks that I have uploaded this year will not play. I have tested on website and mobile. I have tested on Chrome, Firefox and Opera browsers. I have no special characters in the filenames. In the screenshot attached, the first 3 tracks won't play but the 4th will.

    Any suggested ways to resolve this?

    Official Website
    VUE Site

  2. Katabok

    11 Feb 2021 User since 2017 Aus + 182 RP

    worked no problems bro..

  3. @Katabok Thanks for checking. I just checked as well and they all are playing now. Yesterday, only one of three that wouldn't play was playing. Now they are good. I'm not sure if anything was done on the back end.


  4. Codemaker

    25 Feb 2021 Administrator User since 2014 + 2077 RP

    @LetzWerkBeats please let me know if there's still any track which is not playing, and I'll review it.


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