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    So i'm trying something new (to me) with SMS Marketing and I figured i'd share. Basically, you text a code word to a number to sign up! (Like, Text "free" to 123456 to sign up for news and discounts.)

    Not sure if anyone here has tried this method but I believe this could be a viable marketing strategy since the majority of people are stuck to their phones and clients should receive messages faster than an email blast.

    So far I've setup promo codes that subscribers will receive as a "random" generated number. The random part isn't so random though, this service allows you to import a .csv file with a list of coupon codes you come up with. (you will have to create each coupon manually in soundgine and preferably set to one-time use.)

    So basically each new subscriber will get assigned a unique coupon code, based off of your excel spreadsheet, that they then can use at checkout.

    I am on the free version until I build up to a monthly paid version!

    I am not being paid to promote this but the website is

    Hope this peaks someone's interest!


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