Got a job at Netflix!

  1. 10 months ago


    30 Jun 2020 User since 2016 New York + 519 RP

    Got an email from Netflix and looks like I'm doing music for a sports related documentary! I can't disclose the doc but it was facilitated by Soundgine. Already got paid half, I can't disclose how much I was paid either and Netflix has a 100 page contract lol. But let's just say I can buy a new Toyota Tacoma :)

    I do get to have end credit for the music so that's cool.
    Anyway thank you @Soundgine for hooking me up! I know you collect 10% from Netflix but I plan on sending you another 10%


  2. Tone

    30 Jun 2020 User since 2016 Florida USA + 801 RP

    Congratulations! What kind of media are you selling?

  3. Mike

    30 Jun 2020 User since 2016 New York + 519 RP

    [quote=17553:@Tone]Congratulations! What kind of media are you selling?[/quote]

    Cinematic music. Truthfully, once I heard Soundgine was connecting us with West Coast companies like Los Angeles I started to do music more geared towards film.

  4. Tone

    30 Jun 2020 User since 2016 Florida USA + 801 RP

    That's actually really smart. Better up my Hollywood game.

  5. Soundgine

    30 Jun 2020 Administrator User since 2014 Los Angeles + 18063 RP

    @Mike Happy for you!

    By the way, if you send us money we'll return it. Taking more money other than your subscription fee is just greed.

    Keep up the great work. (punch)

  6. Darkair

    30 Jun 2020 User since 2015 San Francisco + 317 RP


  7. itbangz

    3 Jul 2020 Power Contributor User since 2016 + 1561 RP

    Good job! (fire)


    5 Jul 2020 User since 2018 Qld, Australia + 739 RP

    major props. Ive got a beat in a feature movie on Netflix called Five Star..feels great hearing your music within a movie and seeing the end credits. Id be interested in hearing your music, whats ya site?

  9. Congrats! Shoutout to @Soundgine for giving us the tools (fire)

  10. 8 months ago


    8 Sep 2020 User since 2020 San Fransisco + 84 RP

    Netflix is hiring like know who is banking too? It's those drone operators, I have friends doing that. Netflix pays for travel expenses

  11. Dreamstar

    13 Sep 2020 User since 2014 Italy + 720 RP

    Got a job there as well, really awesome experience. It was only one minor job and paid ok but has opened the doors to bigger things. (heart)


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