Marketing Tips Selling Beats 2020

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    Any of you kind fellows have any tips selling beats in 2020. With all these algorithms changing it's kinda hard keeping up. Does' @yonaskbeatz' have any tips?

    Thank you in advance!

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    Facebook Ads

    I spend a dollar a day and reach about 200/day. It’s cheap marketing and works rather well. I direct people to a stupid simple page with just the Soundgine player, the less complicated the better.

    Same applies to Instagram
    Seems like you gotta pay to play these days.


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    <Been selling beats on/offline for 20 years. I would suggest these tips if new & no established email list

    Do Not & I repeat Do Not try to sound like the next man. There are thousand upon thousands of generic "trap" beat makers out there, same site, same sound, same prices, same rgb lights

    Listen & message to any artist on FB & IG that you think would suit your beats. Do Not try to sell them beats, just give props, ask questions about their music etc

    Add artists as friends on FB and IG that have profiles in studio or on mic on stage, you want performing serious artists you do not want soundcloud rappers.

    Ads for beats never did me that much justice and Ive tried them all, ads for products that people can download tend to be more efficient.

    Pinterest is another great platform to gain an audience inwhich you can upload beat vids, tags and def increase traffic (no just women on there)

    Once you gain emails from artists then email out once a week with links to listen & bulk deals, discounts etc

    Most importantly above all Be Patient. Took me 20 years to gain respect, customers from 2004 still shop, regulars ..its a long long road.


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