Anyone else having issues with their YouTube header?

  1. 2 weeks ago


    May 17 User since 2014 Nashville, Tn + 728 RP

    Wondering if anyone else is experiencing issues with the YouTube header update? No matter what track is being played, the same vid is displayed in the header of the beat player. Help would be greatly appreciated!' @Soundgine'

  2. Soundgine

    May 21 Administrator User since 2014 Los Angeles + 17719 RP

    '@IsaacTaylor' It was probably a cache issue, please clear your cache and see if the problem persists.

  3. IsaacTaylor

    May 21 User since 2014 Nashville, Tn + 728 RP

    '@Soundgine' have done that several times with zero luck. Same issue across different browsers and devices.


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