Domain Name Transfer - Please Help

  1. 5 months ago


    Feb 10 Tennessee, United States + 80 RP

    Hello everyone!
    So I bought a domain name from & i would like to transfer it to my vue website via "A Record" I'm not exactly sure what to put in the boxes on Ive included a pic. Any & all help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you' @Soundgine' for this beautfiul service! (heart) (heart)

  2. sontwisted

    Feb 11 Power Contributor User since 2015 Brooklyn NY + 2335 RP

  3. badguymuzik

    Feb 13 Tennessee, United States + 80 RP

    thank you fam! ive got it done now thanks to the great team' @Soundgine' . went ahead & purchased all the add ons too. just waiting on the ssl thing to get installed. been over 24 hrs but i'm sure it will be soon! #lovingsoundgine


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