Much Love to 24 Kobe Bryant

  1. 2 weeks ago


    Jan 30 User since 2015 San Diego, California + 855 RP

    I know us hip hop heads here love Basketball. Much love to 24 Kobe Bryant (heart)

  2. OHLY

    Jan 30 Administrator User since 2015 London - Los Angeles + 1251 RP

    Los Angeles is reeling for sure, we're in the heart of it. Tragic especially when there's children involved.

  3. Tyson

    Jan 30 User since 2016 Hawaii + 885 RP

    Footage of the helicopter before it went down, why didn't it just land at that point if it had issues

  4. Mike

    Jan 30 User since 2016 New York + 457 RP

    '@Tyson' Probably because the pilot had no issue at that point, so why land? I heard reports that the helicopter went into freefall for about 60 seconds and hit the ground at 180mph. My guess is that this was probably a tech failure.

    Heart goes out to the family of everyone involved.

  5. Tristan

    Jan 30 User since 2015 San Francisco + 241 RP

    My daughter played with Gigi and would come over for BBQ's every now and then. I'm truly heartbroken

  6. musicbox

    Jan 31 User since 2014 Barcelona, Spain + 926 RP



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