Pop at the start of new upload. Only happens in beat player

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    Hey' @soundgine', hoping you can help me out. There is a small annoying pop that occurs at the start of a new track I uploaded called "Level Up". It's not in the track itself and only occurs during play back in the beat player. It doesn't pop when you play the song from the user admin panel. I've re uploaded the song multiple times with the same result. Help would be greatly appreciated. Here is a link http://www.isaactaylormade.com?tr=beat-2511922 . ALSO, the twitter share won't share??? And google has discontinued their Google+ share, so we may need to get that removed from the share options.

  2. Codemaker

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    '@IsaacTaylor' If you hear the pop in Safari browser, please disable spectrum visualizer for safari browser. You can do that in Control > Settings > All Settings, scroll down to 'Extra Settings' and uncheck 'Visualizer on Safari' and hit 'Update' button.

  3. IsaacTaylor

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    '@Codemaker' thanks again :)


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