A bit of a repost: Soundgine, first beat store to add crypto payments?

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    I will begin this post with a quote...

    "Vision Is The Art Of Seeing What Is Invisible To Others"

    So the last post I made seemed to fall on deaf ears. I'm not looking for a debate, just here to make a suggestion. I have been in the crypto space for several years now. I've witnessed the ups, the downs, and everything in between. However, through the years I've watched it turn into something that was once a very tiny phenomenon to a massive industry that can no longer be ignored. We have to face the fact that cryptocurrencies are here to stay and as we move out of a cash society to a cashLESS society, crypto will be at the very least a cornerstone for the future of payments. I've been with Soundgine since they were Euphony and consider myself a very loyal client. Which is why I feel if Soundgine were to implement crypto payments into their beat store, it would be GAME OVER. They would be lite years ahead of the industry. Here are a list of a few sites that already accept crypto payments.


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    Interesting topic to discuss, I believe that if it could be added to a beat store, as an additional option, that for sure wouldn't hurt anybody.

    What others are thinking?

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    I feel that it wouldn't be too difficult to code, but then again I may be entirely wrong lol.

  4. last week

    From the (very little) I know about crypto - Wallets or apps/hardware that store your crypto currency aren't super centralized. And from the very little I know about coding - I'd be willing to bet getting API's for all those wallet-apps coded could be a real head banger.

    That being said, it would be sweet and definitely a unique feature.

    I'd love to get paid in crypto!

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    I wonder if there is a fairly easy code to write that would allow for admins to simply enter the addresses of their crypto wallets into a section in the control panel. The client would send the crypto to the admin wallet and the admin would manually send the beat(s). Although it wouldn't be instant beat delivery, it would allow for another form of payment. And a very exciting form of payment I might add!


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