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    21 Sep 2019 User since 2014 Nashville, Tn + 811 RP

    What's good fam! How many of y'all have gone through the process of completely rebranding yourself? I know Soundgine did this several years ago after they made the switch from Euphony. I myself have done this as well and it was a very tedious process. However, as we grow and evolve it almost becomes necessary (atleast for me anyways). I am toying with the idea of doing it yet again. Curious what everyone's thoughts on this is?

  2. Tyson

    25 Sep 2019 User since 2016 Hawaii + 905 RP

    If you think you need to rebrand yourself, then 99% of the time it's the right time to do so, you just feel it in your heart.

    Just make sure you rebrand all your platforms like your social media. Get your professional logo and a few graphics made for you, there is no point in rebranding if you have weak graphics.

    Best of luck.

  3. IsaacTaylor

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    Thanks for the feedback homie' @Tyson'

  4. PixelSashay

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    ~Re-branding can be a good thing if done correctly but it also depends on what exactly you are trying to "re-brand" if it is a name change, logo, new or more products/services you may be looking to offer, those would determine if it is even necessary.

    I can't say when the time is right because everyone is different & have their own thing going on. However, if you are unsettled with whatever you currently have maybe re-branding is an option or, maybe you just need a website/social media makeover graphics wise instead of total re-branding. Sometimes, some new creative art makes everything feel brand new & sparks life into something that was already fine to begin with. (^_^)/ (o^_^o)

    Reason Studios formerly Propellerheads recently re-branded their company name, domain, logo. . .I personally think it works. The logo has a much more generic but modern look to it & the name just makes sense seeing as most people referred to it as Reason more so than Propellerhead.

  5. IsaacTaylor

    3 Oct 2019 User since 2014 Nashville, Tn + 811 RP

    Thanks for the feedback!' @PixelSashay'


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