$1000 + Sales in 1 Month

  1. 6 months ago


    21 Jul 2019 User since 2018 + 120 RP

    I know I should post more but when things are going good, I spend time away from the forum and more in just enjoying outside life instead of being locked up in a room.

    I wanted to share my sales in 1 month to inspire you guys. I don't do shizz for marketing and it's all word of mouth. I dont know if the sales can replace a full time job like' @yonaskbeatz' but an extra 1k a month for a store that is automated in my sleep? For a product I don't have to ship and it just a digital download is fantastic.


    I don't make as much as others but this is good money for me, I'm 23 and live at home still but I know when I move out, life is gonna hit me like a MAC truck so I want to make a steady 2k a month and requires more work!

    Anyway, hope this inspires


  2. minty

    21 Jul 2019 User since 2016 + 408 RP

    Congrats BRO! (on-fire)

    Don't put limits on yourself, don't cap yourself at 2k.
    Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars

  3. 5 months ago


    22 Jul 2019 User since 2018 Lithuania + 640 RP

    Congratulations! I wish the same for us all! :)

  4. DaButtafingaz

    25 Jul 2019 User since 2016 Bronx NY + 205 RP

    Congrats ==) ==) ==) ==) ==) ==) ==) ==)

  5. Helix

    Jul 29 User since 2015 San Diego, California + 815 RP
    Edited 5 months ago by Helix

    Good shit, Had a nice month too.
    As Minty said, shoot for the moon.

    There's a lot of negativity going around about how selling beats can't be done, etc.
    Keep driving and keep an eye out for that Mac truck brotha

  6. CobraB

    Jul 29 User since 2018 + 120 RP

    Thank you guys. LOVE this platform and the people here. How many people do this full time? Sure it's been asked a million times.

  7. Kate

    Jul 29 User since 2016 Los Angeles + 141 RP

    @CobraB' Thank you guys. LOVE this platform and the people here. How many people do this full time? Sure it's been asked a million times.

    It has but it's ok :)

    I do it full time now but I also live in Nebraska where the rent and cost of living is very low. I know a few Soundgine members that make 100k+ a year but live in Los Angeles so they also do side gigs like Uber or Lyft.

    But to answer your question, I think it depends on your living situation.

  8. Des

    Jul 29 User since 2015 + 467 RP

    I do.

    My ex boyfriend had a Soundgine account and was making 120K a month but he also had 4 kids, child support and living in Southern California. He has enough at the end of the month for a carne asada burrito.

    Dude got so stressed he gave everything up and became a hippie and lives off the grid.

  9. JimmiNI

    Aug 17 User since 2019 + 16 RP

    I'd really like to get to where I can do this full time but I need a LOT more traffic. I'd love if anyone could share some tips.

  10. IsaacTaylor

    Aug 19 User since 2014 Nashville, Tn + 711 RP

    Congrats homie. It looks like you made that $1k sale in a day? Was this the result of a marketing campaign you put out or possibly just a random sale?

  11. CobraB

    Aug 19 User since 2018 + 120 RP

    Believe it or not guys almost no marketing. I did put up an ad in Fiverr and it does get hits but it's just referrals from other people. Marketing is such a tricky ass game.

    I remember spending $300 a month on Instagram and Facebook marketing and got nothing. I stopped and picked up again just uploading beats and got sales a week later without spending a dime on marketing.
    @IsaacTaylor' Random Sale'
    @JimmiNI' Don't worry about the traffic right now and work on your craft, get a solid 30 beats that are pure (fire)
    @Des' Lived in Cali for half my life, went there to visit last weekend, there was SO MUCH DAMN people there, it wasn't fun at all.


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