Just When I was about to give up

  1. last year


    21 May 2019 User since 2016 Hawaii + 905 RP

    Well, I wasn't going to give up really but just frustrated, no sales in a week then.


    I can see people giving up selling beats, just be patient and do work!

  2. Darkair

    21 May 2019 User since 2015 San Francisco + 317 RP

    Nice one! putting work in truly pays off.

  3. Tyson

    21 May 2019 User since 2016 Hawaii + 905 RP

    Sure does but lazyiness creeps in sometimes then its the "fuck, this selling beats thing is too damn saturated" soon after I reach out and they are getting record setting sales using Soundgine, so it's not just me.

    Even though I made $800 I can't say it's enough to fully support myself. Rent, car payment. bills, school loan, etc.

  4. Jonus

    21 May 2019 User since 2018 + 117 RP

    I don't want to talk for everyone but I feel most people do this as a side gig and for some a serious side gig. I find it difficult doing this full time because so many people are doing it and selling for cheap.

    I tried going full time but just couldn't get "full-time" money. Instead I use it as music stock that pays off randomly when I get a sale but never depend on beat sales for my livelihood. Instead I look for $400-$1000 a month of extra cash that I would never would have if they were just sitting on my hard drive.

    Some months suck and some months go way beyond I expected. If you're paying for PRO and making more than $20 a month then you're good. My beat sales pay for gas, groceries, and a nice chunk of rent and super grateful for that.

    I guess my point is to be realistic and you'll have a better piece of mind.

  5. Des

    21 May 2019 User since 2015 + 470 RP

    You are only limited by your determination.

  6. Marketron

    21 Jul 2019 User since 2015 San Diego + 234 RP

    Feels good eh? Keep pushing. Selling beats can be like the stock market, lots of ups and downs.


    18 Aug 2019 User since 2018 Qld, Australia + 666 RP

    Producing & Selling beats for 20 years now I can say one thing.

    "Don't focus on the money, else you won't make it. Focus on a great quality product & it will come"

    Id rather keep my 9-5 stable job and produce on the side making another full time wage.

  8. minty

    3 Sep 2019 User since 2016 + 469 RP

    Got 2 sales this morning over $500. Seems like when I don't even think about it I start selling, lol.


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