What cloud are you using?

  1. last year


    29 Jan 2019 User since 2018 + 22 RP

    Hi guys, i am looking for a cloud service that is free and gives me the link of a file i upload, to use the link in my tracked out and exclusive downloads after purchase.

    What website would you recommand me? I was using google drive but it has free only 15gb and i used it all.


  2. itbangz

    29 Jan 2019 Power Contributor User since 2016 + 1561 RP

    for $2 bucks you get 100 gigs on drive. not that much. sending links to 3rd party is looking cheesy tho, but thats different story..

  3. fenixprod

    30 Jan 2019 User since 2018 Lithuania + 640 RP

    '@Solis9Beats' MediaFire gives up to 50 GB free space, check it ;)


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