License upgrade option in Hydra

  1. last year


    31 Dec 2018 User since 2018 Lithuania + 640 RP

    Dear Soungdine team, I hope you are doing well.

    It would be great to have an option in Hydra player for an existing customer to upgrade their licenses manually.
    For example, if one bought a Basic beat by 20USD and wants to get the same beat with an upgraded license (let's say Premium for 50 USD, when he needs to pay only additional 30 USD on top), it would be cool to have such option in the player.

    Because now I have just a form to fill in my website about it. (then the manual process of order and payment via PayPal is organized).

    Does anyone besides me need that option in a long-term perspective?
    Is it possible to develop it?

  2. fenixprod

    12 Jan 2019 User since 2018 Lithuania + 640 RP

    '@Soundgine'' @Codemaker' what do you say?

  3. fenixprod

    5 Mar 2019 User since 2018 Lithuania + 640 RP

    '@Soundgine'' @Codemaker'' @Jarvis' could be possible to receive feedback from you regarding this feature?

  4. Codemaker

    7 Mar 2019 Administrator User since 2014 + 1397 RP

    '@fenixprod' lets discuss it further, I'm going to initiate private discussion for it.


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