Sales slow in December?

  1. 9 months ago


    23 Dec 2018 User since 2015 + 297 RP

    U seeing the same?

  2. Tone

    23 Dec 2018 User since 2016 Florida USA + 795 RP

    People are spending money on Christmas presents and taking a break from work including New Years. I usually see sales dip hard in December then back up mid January.

  3. killtraxxx

    23 Dec 2018 User since 2017 SF + 662 RP

    Can confirm. December and first part of January pretty rough. Most people have to recover from spending shock.

  4. Breeze

    23 Dec 2018 User since 2015 London + 841 RP

    I sell used clothes on eBay as a side hustle and my eBay store in a ghost town in December, the only thing that sold was 2-3 items that still had tags on them. Sales jump back up late Jan and early Fed. So its not just beats with slow sales

    Sales will pick up.

  5. 8 months ago


    19 Jan 2019 User since 2016 Los Angeles + 141 RP

    '@Breeze' Sales infact did pick up. But wait until people get back their tax returns, I usually see a big spike there. Best thing to do is not worry about, just do good work.

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