2Checkout Impossible to deal with

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    8 Oct 2018 User since 2018 + 82 RP

    So, for the past couple of weeks I've been trying to set up 2Checkout for credit card transactions on my site. I finished their application process, send them a photocopy of my ID and everything. I have 2 Leasing License Contracts on my site, and they started asking questions about them. Mind you, these people would sometimes take a full week to respond by email. They ultimately came to the conclusion that they will not accept me until I change the word "Lease" to "Subscribe", which makes no sense what so ever in my opinion. Am I missing something here, or have I fallen victim to an enormous waste of time with these people? Would I have an easier time with "Stripe"?

  2. sontwisted

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    did you explain to them that it would be false and misleading to call it subscribe because there's is no subscription...i just realized why they say that they are going by the traditional definition of a lease where you pay monthly like renting an apartment try to see if you can call it a license instead

  3. Laisik

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    I explained to them why that made no sense at all, and it took them a week to basically say, "No, your wrong". It's infuriating because they take so long to reply. This is literally the only thing holding my website from launching...

  4. Ibsenproducer

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    They always put walls where there are not, they already blocked an account, opened a new one and they are also being problematic with my site. The best option is Stripe.

  5. TeiMoney

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    from my experince i would highly suggest to STAY AWAY from 2checkout
    first you can only withraw when you reach 300$ every time
    and also they closed my account which had a couple bucks in it i think it was around 100$ for no reason!
    totally unacceptable if you ask me

  6. Laisik

    8 Oct 2018 User since 2018 + 82 RP

    Thanks for the advise guys. I'll definitely stay away from 2Checkout. I'm going to move on with Stripe.

  7. itbangz

    9 Oct 2018 Power Contributor User since 2016 + 1561 RP

    + 1 for stay away. same happened to me. closed account couple of times for "inactivity" without even noticing me. headache with withdrawal.

    we need replacement for this payment provider.' @soundgine' what about https://www.braintreepayments.com ?

  8. PixelSashay

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    ~I guess you already got the answer, but to anyone else who may be thinking about signing up with 2CO, tread lightly it could very well be like what you said here

    I fallen victim to an enormous waste of time


    When I first signed up with them it was ok, customer service wasn't too bad in terms of replying, they were helpful & what's not but after a few months I don't know if they changed their entire staff/team of workers but they started making some annoying & in my opinion ridiculous changes about how & when your money can be withdrawn, how to setup your website according to their procedures, change this, move that etc etc blah blah blah. . .of course that is there TOS & I/we have the option of not accepting & going elsewhere.

    I no longer have an account with them but a few months ago they sent a bunch of emails accidentally it would seem to some closed accounts for about 2 or 3 days back to back about "finalizing account applications" but then apologized after they realized what had happened.

    Most people use PayPal anyways but the card option is still good to have so I'm not saying it isn't important or to dismiss it completely. (o^_^o)

  9. Soundgine

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    Edited 2 years ago by Soundgine

    We're about to phase out 2checkout as an option really soon, surprisingly there are still a couple people using it here and there but we're unclear if it's because it's an option on our admin or if they had it before they signed up.

    The one thing 2co has that Stripe doesn't is that it's available in more countries. This is the only reason we haven't phased it out as an option honestly. We are looking at Payoneer and Braintree's API.


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