What's Cookin at Soundgine Labs? Well...

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    Hola! We've been quiet I know but the guys wanted me to let you know they are still mashing up the keys to bring you new updates. We for sure thank you for your patience! As mentioned by one of our developers we are adding some heavy artillery in the way you sell your brand. Yes, that's really vague but I'll be more detailed soon.' @Tristan' said it best.

    I'm a part-time developer for them and what they are doing is breaking down walls. All I can say is selling beats is only one part of the equation, think multi-store. It's a sh*t load of work but it's the future and they have a beta model of it, I'm trying to convince them to share it but releasing it so soon in an uncompleted state has its drawbacks.

    There are a few dozen other features they could be doing but this iteration of updates is infinitely more important for all of you.

    Be excited. B)

    It's 3:44am and the guys haven't had a break and I keep telling them Redbull isn't healthy for them.

    Stay tuned <(^.^)>

  2. All Star

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    I don't want to speak for everybody but we all appreciate the update on what's going on. I'm perfectly content with the current platform but letting us all know what you guys are doing is just professional courtesy, thanks.

  3. SkillyMusic

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    gotta agree with' @All Star' , thanks for the update' @OHLY'

  4. minty

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    Yup, much better than leaving us in the dark.

  5. ja809

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  6. Tyson

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    You guys never disappoint, solid SOLID platform, but more importantly, you never abandon the SOUNDGINE project.


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