Your request for domain transfer is pending.

  1. 2 months ago

    I am new to soundgine & I have changed the A record to point to

    My page is now redirecting to the soundgine homepage. The domain transfer has been pending for 2-3 days now is there another step that I need to take to get my domain name setup? Sorry if this question has been posted before.

  2. OHLY

    Sep 14 Administrator User since 2015 London - Los Angeles + 1185 RP

    Looks like your A Record still has not changed
    still shows

    I'd say the better and fastest way is to change nameservers to


    Once you have changed the nameservers, please re-apply in your Soundgine control panel.

  3. hello,

    same problem for me, but I have confirmed with my domain provider and A record has changed.
    Request is pending from Soundgine. What else do you need to accept it?

  4. 8 weeks ago


    Oct 12 Santo Domingo + 170 RP

    Just wait fam :)

  5. thanks ja809, but it's been 5 days now, how long does it normally takes?

  6. OHLY

    Oct 13 Administrator User since 2015 Answer London - Los Angeles + 1185 RP


    Good to go!


  7. perfect thks!


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