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    When people subscribe to my email list (squeeze page from VUE) or download free beats from my website they receive regular email but this message also appear next to it - *** "This message may not have been sent by: shonzy** Learn more Report phishing" *** also my logo is not shown like it used to before (i'm sendind screenshot in attachment below)

    This type of emails are very bad for business, especially when we have to gain customers trust.

    Another strange thing happening, my website ranking droped drastically after' @Soundgine' migration to new server, when i say "drastically" i mean at this moment my website global rank dropped from 9,396,099 to "not currently ranked anywhere" - It also show that i have 1 visitor per day which is definitely not correct.

    Picture 1 (this was my last screenshot for global rank with 110+ increase in last 3 months) -

    When i check stats in my dashboard i see that i have from 30 - 70 visitors daily (i also checked my traffic with google analytics and it show that i have roughly 50 visitors or more daily in previous 6 months with no drop below 30 visitors)

    I also got to mention when i go to my website the green secure bar is shown so i really don't know what should i do to get back my ranking, i patiently waited near 2 months and nothing changed..

    Have anyone else experienced similar problem ?

    Any help would be much appreciated, thank you in advance !


  2. Darkair

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    Email issue: Not really an issue as you probably have your email ported via MX record on Soundgine's server. This is a Google thing. Gmail is always doing things like this.

    As for the ranking, not much Soundgine can do. You need to let Google do it's thing and try not to get too obsessed with "ranking" especially if you are viewing it in Alexa or some other offshoot ranking website.

    The green bar means you're secure so that's a good thing.

  3. Breeze

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    Email thing is normal. Gmail users will sometimes see this when there's a 3rd party email form like the squeeze page etc. Like' @Darkair' said, don't get too obsessed with rankings from websites like that. I used to religiously check that but found out alot of it was bogus and definitely not accurate.

    If you want to rank up keep blogging and especially write articles and submit them to music blogs.

    This has helped me tremendously.

  4. fusion

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    I have a software website too selling specialized antivirus and my customers get that "Learn more Report phishing". This happens when an email request happens outside of Gmail, it does look bad but there's nothing we can do about it. Welcome to Google.

    Anyway, I have zero issues with stats in the Soundgine control panel, all the visits are true even if users are using a VPN. If you 'stats website' is showing you have 1 visit a day but Soundgine is saying you have 50, then you know you can't really trust that website and don't worry about it.

  5. shonzybeatz

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    '@Darkair'' @Breeze'' @fusion' Thank you guys i really appreciate it


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