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  1. 2 years ago

    Liz Vega

    17 May 2018 User since 2016 + 987 RP

    Hi guys! Whats up?
    As many of you know, i've opened my beatstore with soundgine like a month or so ago and things are not going so well..
    Let me explain... I had no expectations, or at least not at the very beginning like now,but you know things are quite dead right now, not only for the website, but also for youtube,facebook,instagram etc...
    I know that there are plenty of producers out there, and i know that they are in the game since a lot of time, but you know, stay angry is not always easy, fight everyday is a little bit difficoult when you don't see anything from the "other side".
    I don't want to complain a lot, i would like to find a way to increase my traffic. I've tried an ads on instagram, paying for promotion, but it didn't work.
    What can i do on the marketing side to improve my website? If you have any advices i would really apprecciate them!
    Thanks guys!

  2. maddmannmuzik

    17 May 2018 User since 2016 Aiken, S.C. + 667 RP

    pinpoint marketing, keyword research, join forums that artists are part of. See the thing is, you can run a million ads, if you don't know who you are targeting specifically, then its a waste. You may see some traffic but it won't convert into sales. Also second thing, there are tons of ways to increase traffic, but unless that traffic has a desire for what you offer, also again its pointless. Find your niche in your style of music, pinpoint that in your marketing. Find up and coming artists on Soundcloud or twitter. Comment, and interact with them. Don't even tell them you're a producer until they ask, build a genuine relationship. Once you create a friendship, it establishes trust since you are now familiar with them. No one likes giving money to people they don't know.lol. There are thousands of producers out there and millions of artists. You just have to convince them that you are something different from the rest...

  3. musicbox

    17 May 2018 User since 2014 Barcelona, Spain + 971 RP

    Also, make music that is current. Make music that is HOT right now or even a year ago with a buzz still. For example, I made a beat that has the same feel as this.

    Now before you laugh, I know it's Ricky Martin but this type of beat is hot and happens to be a huge seller for me.

    Is it selling out? Nah, you're just a producer wanting to get paid.

  4. Zeraphenom

    17 May 2018 User since 2018 South Florida + 489 RP

    '@Liz Vega'

    Here is a video on instagram ad targeting and other tips!


    19 May 2018 User since 2018 Qld, Australia + 587 RP

    Sell exclusives weekly. 10% beat making, 90% marketing. Build relationships, message artists, build email list, specials, engage cuz no one is gonna randomly stumble onto your site.

  6. Liz Vega

    21 May 2018 User since 2016 + 987 RP

    Thank you guys, you always make me feel better :) I will follow all your advices for sure, but first i got a new question...
    How do i create an email list? Lol i completely forgot to create one :-D Honestly i don't know how does it works, never used them, so, again, any advices would be great guys!

  7. _pm

    24 May 2018 User since 2016 + 582 RP

    Getting over that "hump" can be stressful. You have a very clean website, you definitely need more plays. When I first started, I put in fake "sold" beats to give the impression people were buying, that got me going a bit.

    About your music, I'd try putting in some powerful drums, or something more in your face like this

    I did a beat similar to this and ended up being a top seller.

    I didn't go through all your music but your beats seems very mellow which is cool but a lot of people are looking for something with good bass lines and hard hitting drums.

    Then add your music on Youtube and add tags like Dre. Dre type beat 2018

    Just my thought.

  8. Your website looks good so I dont think that should be a problem.

    But, running ads will most likely just leave you with emptier pockets.

    The best way to get sales is organically through word of mouth.

    I've grown a local business to 6-figures with just word of mouth.

    And it was rather easy...and when I started, I didn't know much about marketing.

    Trying to a build a beat selling business online...the same way?

    Its been the hardest thing to crack.

    Because most people don't buy just because they see an ad.

    And because the online market is leaps & bounds bigger than the local market.

    Almost like pissing in the ocean expecting the piss to take it over.

    The key is to find ways to grow organically with word of mouth.

    If you are going to continue advertising though...stick with Instagram.

  9. an0nym0u5beats

    26 May 2018 Power Contributor User since 2016 Los Angeles + 1969 RP

    Go out and talk to real people in real life and make real connections with real people ;)

  10. Liz Vega

    31 May 2018 User since 2016 + 987 RP

    Thank you guys,i really apprecciate your help :) '
    @_pm' This "sold" thing you put at the beginning brought you something?
    Fun thing is i was talking with a friend of mine today, and he told me that my beats are very good but overcomplicated and a little bit schematic, is that what you meant? I was watching a deconstruction video before, and this producer has got like only 7-8 tracks in the beat,damn mine are like 25 to 30 loool '
    @triplehomicide'' @an0nym0u5beats' i do agree with you guys, real connections and word of mouth are the best ways to spread your name, but you have to think that i live in italy, and mostly in a small town (Pisa,leaning tower lol :-D ) and here in italy most of the people don't even know what a producer is,and if you say that you make music for living they say that is not a real job, do you get my point? ofc would be better in milan or rome that are big cities but atm i can't move! i don't know where do you come from guys, i just hope that the situation is different over there


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