Chrome Browser V.66 Blocks Autoplay

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    Chome 66
    We just made all the necessary changes to our players to make sure Chrome 66 doesn't cause any related issues to autoplay blocking. Unfortunately, audio coming from the Chrome browser Version 66 will not autoplay. Chrome Version 65 still autoplays.

    Read more about it

    Firefox, Edge, Safari is not affected and will autoplay as usual.
    Chrome now requires an interaction or a gesture to start playing audio.

    We do have contacts at Google and mentioned a couple things you should know.

    Any attempt to override Chrome's autoplay will eventually drop your website ranking and if it remains unchanged over a "period" (not sure what it is, they didn't tell me) it could result to your website being delisted. Google is not playing around with autoplay anymore, they have bots specifically looking for defeat mechanisms. We stopped looking for a workaround after hearing this. If we get word of a safe alternative, we'll implement it.

    We could look into starting your music but in a "muted" state but I'm not sure that's really a solution as customers will hear your tracks seconds into it instead of from the start, so that's not feasible. Maybe Google will revert back but I highly doubt it as every variation until V.66 was heading in this direction.

    There is no need for you to do anything, we already took care of any related fixes, customers will now see a "paused" state on your player until they click on the track or the play button.

  2. '@Soundgine'

    Thank you!

    I knew something was up a couple of days ago when I had the same issue. Google is trying to fix something that wasn't broken >_<

  3. Breeze

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    Google seems to think that's annoying to everyone. Thanks' @Soundgine' for being on top of it.

  4. Beats are on autoplay again!

  5. musicbox

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    '@Zeraphenom' When you go to your website it autoplays?

  6. '@musicbox'
    Yes, it wasn't before but maybe chrome put out a patch to enable autoplay for music

  7. '@musicbox'

    Chrome was playing a cached version of my site, autoplay is still down. Chrome needs to step it up lol

  8. musicbox

    7 May 2018 User since 2014 Barcelona, Spain + 883 RP

    lol, I think Google rethought it. I was like wow!
    I think the autoplay block is here to stay, but since computer users will be used to it, it won't be that bad.


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