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    I just thought I'll start a conversation about my favourite sport :)
    Do you guys watch the playoffs? Three game winning shots in three days, man you gotta love it! Who are you rooting for?

    In the west, I was rooting for the spurs, just because of the way the were playing the last third of the season. But since they clippers beat them in game 7 of round 1 (crazy series!), I'm going with the clippers now lol. Blake has played some phenomenal basketball lately and I like Doc Rivers as a coach. The rockets are overrated imo and only got through the first round because they played against those horrendous Mavs.
    The Warriors are killing it of course, but they never had to overcome a real struggle or losing streak, so it'll be intersting to see how they deal with the 1-2 against memphis. I can't see Memphis winning the championship though.

    In the east, I think the hawks are overrated and will lose against the wiz. And I'd like to see the bulls win against the cavs. They play hard and Rose deserves some more success in his career. Also I would love to see a Bulls-Wizards Conference Final.

    Desired Finals: Chicago Bulls - LA Clippers

  2. musicbox

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    Clippers vs Bulls would be fantastic and yes Blake has been playing well.

    I'm still shocked by this:

  3. Sound Variety

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    Washington could have won tonight but I'm hoping Wall will be back soon. Not really a fan of the hawks, although they've got a lot of talent. The grizzlies are making it tough for GS but I'm a fan of Steph so I hope to see them get out of this round, we shall see. Far as Bron vs the Bulls... They (Cavs) even without Love can beat these guys, they will just need to take Gasol out of the game by shutting him down on D and make sure they watch turn overs. Far as Houston, seems like theres really no fire or drive.. confidence seems to be low and no chemistry on the floor. I agree, i love how Blake is playin right now! Im glad you started this thread, i could talk about the NBA all day, but then again i wouldn't be producing or promoting lol... :)

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    '@musicbox' That dunk was just out of this world
    @bbotabasco' yeah it can eat up a lot of time. Especially in the NBA with all those time outs, refs reviewing calls, free throws, and even more free throws because of hack-a-whoever.

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    Heart breaker for Paul Pierce and John Walls crew last night... They should have had that game.

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    The finals are incredible so far. Back-to-back overtimes the first two games. That's the first time in NBA history. And how good is lebron. What he has delivered in this playoffs really is legendary no doubt about that. I'm glad the Cavs won last night without Irving. I was rooting for them after the refs didn't call that foul by Iggy on Lebron. :o And that Cavs Defense! Dellavedova's D in particular was just superb. You gotta love it. Make sure you guys watch Game 3 because this could be one of the all-time great finals!

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    Ratings for these Finals are up. Not really an NBA watcher, but I did see the first game, really exciting.

  8. OHLY

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    Always go for the underdogs :)

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    CAVS really kicking ass tonight. King James is the real deal I guess.

  10. SkillyMusic

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    James now with the most points in the first three games of the NBA finals...ever. I love the Cavs effort and hustle. That's how you win championships. It was great to see how Curry exploded in the fourth to bring back his team though. Just greatness on both sides and fun to watch. great great GREAT first three games.

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