Unmetered vs Unlimited Hosting

  1. 2 years ago


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    So I was looking at hosting plans for a website unrelated to music producing and I'm confused, I'm sure nothing is unlimited, do you guys know where hosting companies start sending you notices for having too much disc space on these unlimited or unmetered plans?

  2. maddmannmuzik

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    '@Jaytay' it depends on whether you're paying for shared hosting, dedicated, or cloud hosting. I think what you are referring to is the bandwidth. They usually have an allotted amount of disk space I think the most I've seen is a terabyte in which then you can pay extra to expand or upgrade your server. I have heard of some also that cap you at 1 terabyte of bandwidth/data transfers and then lower the speed at which your site is accessed. one good reason to have a CDN.


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