Google artist panel (How to)

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    This is a long read but highly beneficial!

    I wanted to share some information that has helped me out in acquiring a google artist panel when people search your name. When I search my name through google or youtube, a panel on the right shows my information. (Pictures, Bio,Track list, Website etc.)

    A huge factor in getting my panel was releasing a beat tape through a distributor that will submit your music to Spotify, itunes, and more importantly youtube and google play. (You'll see why google and youtube are very important in the link below)

    Although I recently lost my panel because I removed my beat tape (due to selling 2 exclusives), google is slowly putting bits and pieces of my information back on the search results!

    What this means is if someone searches you on google or youtube, you have a huge advantage over anyone who has a similar name because you will appear front and center in the search results.

    Click the link below


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