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    Hey everyone, I don't have a Soundgine account yet but have been following them on Instagram, they posted a Hydra on there but this one is different, is this just a mockup or for real? Soundgine is calling it the 24k edition.

    I want it. B)


  2. sontwisted

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    This is just their design when you sign up you can pick your colors and logo

  3. Jonus

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    This is different.

    It has a gold header play button and header rivets? and a power button in the footer area? I was told before you can only change colors but not add images? Not sure if you are reading this on a phone or desktop but there are some textures going on.

  4. Soundgine

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    You guys catch on fast.

    Faceplate (CNC)


    So while we have our tech team work on important updates, I posted a company challenge and asked them to create faceplates for Hydra and the winner would win a year supply of Chipotle.
    Now they are working like it depends on their life. I told them to create designs they would rock themselves and go for it.

    As a result, we have a growing number of faceplates that are ready to go! Just access the store in your admin panel.

    What you can’t do.
    The faceplate images are not replaceable

    What you can do.

    Add an image header of your choice
    Add a video header of your choice
    Change the spectrum color

    Faceplates are somewhat specific to a design so you may need to experiment with the color of your header image or video. For example a white header image may not look great on a dark faceplate.
    Experiment. Experiment. Experiment.

    We recommend your player to be at least 900 px in width.

    Faceplates are $8 and go directly to the designer.

    Oh...and enjoy!

  5. Dreamstar

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    Good God! these are delicious.

  6. killtraxxx

    17 Mar 2018 User since 2017 SF + 662 RP

    I'm loving the "Vento" faceplate!

  7. Ibsenproducer

    18 Mar 2018 Power Contributor User since 2016 Venezuela + 2176 RP

    Really DOPEEE!!!!

  8. Tyson

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    I saw a leather design on Instagram, when will that be available' @Soundgine'
    love these faceplates!

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    Some other Faceplates available for Hydra



  10. Tyson

    29 Apr 2018 User since 2016 Hawaii + 892 RP



  11. Tyson

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    Murdered Out Faceplate


    Love this one, makes your album art stand out, very minimal.

  12. musicbox

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    For you audio nuts, here is Hydra with the motherboard visible



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