Ability to accept cryptocurrencies

  1. 2 years ago


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    What up Soundgine and Soundgine fam! I feel most, if not all of us, love Soundgine so much because we are tech nerds. And let's face it, Soundgine is at the top of the tech game in the beat selling world. That being said, there are some pretty incredible things happening in the tech world. One being the rise of cryptocurrency and what it is capable of doing. I honestly believe it will be the dominant currency and possibly even replace fiat currency in the next 10-15 years. I'm not sure if Soundgine is already planning something like this, but they would be light years ahead of the competition if they could allow clients to pay with crypto. Think about it, something like Litecoin has an almost instantaneous transfer rate with next to nothing fees, unlike PayPal or other CC services that we use. It SEEMS (although I'm probably completely wrong, lol) that it could be a simple implementation. The admin would simply need to enter his or her wallet address on the back end which could pop up during the checkout process. The client would then send the crypto to that address and boom! Instant funds at lightning fast speeds and NO MIDDLE MAN!

  2. sontwisted

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    I dont think cryptocurrency is stable enough to be implemented as a payment method but even beyond that most of the artist we cater too struggle to pay $20 for a beat it is very unlikely that they could afford to be mining crypto to pay us with


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