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    Hey guys , so i've recently thought about buying another domain since my brand name is ObieDaz the Beatoven , i already have obiedaz.com , and i was looking to buy beatoven.com as well. is it possible to connect those two? i mean whenever someone goes to beatoven.com , it redirects him to obiedaz.com and vice versa.

    how can i do it via soundgine?

    Thanks in advance ,


  2. I'm doing something similar and got it handled by my host(GoDaddy).I have both MetzgerBeats.com and MetzgerBeats.Club directing to my VUE player;All I had to do was change the forwarding settings under DNS

  3. mach1beats

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    Yo obiedaz,

    If you are using wordpress its easy. There is this plugin called (something like) redirect. It automatically sends user that visits your website to the desired website.


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