FLAC much better than MP3 320?

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    Hey guys, I'm new here :)

    Been thinking, I can't seem to see too much improvement in audio quality from MP3 320 to FLAC. Is it really that big of a listening experience? What am I missing?

  2. Ibsenproducer

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    FLAC is like WAV, uncompressed format (HQ). MP3 is a compressed format' @Rockie'

  3. maddmannmuzik

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    '@Rockie' i think it also depends on the source of the sound. you would have to have a really high fidelity system to even appreciate the difference.

  4. YendisMusic

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    It's a very subtle difference that the average person wouldn't really notice or care about. From what I see posted across the web it's one of those things that is very niche also.

  5. Tone

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    If an "average" person has nothing to compare the 320 version to, they will think the MP3 320 sounds great until they actually listen to the FLAC version. My girlfriend that doesn't care too much about MP3/FLAC/DSD/APE knew an immediate difference when listening to

    Dreams - Fleetwood Mac
    Hotel California - The Eagles

    When listening to the FLAC version you need notice a few things

    1. More defined, power bass
    2. Clearer highs for example (clearer vocals, high hats, snares, etc)
    3. Clear mids (the MP3 version even at 320 had compressed mids making it sound muddy)

    Myself and my girlfriend now have depend on a high res player to play FLACS because of that great uncompressed sound, but you have to be a music lover. Casual listeners won't care obviously and it is indeed niche.

    Now DSD compared to MP3 320?
    Forget about it, it's close to the master recording and hear every single detail, it will make you love music again, problem an album is DSD format can run 3GB and not many devices can play DSD.

    You could download your favorite album on DSD and download this
    To playback the audio on your computer.

    After comparing the two, your 320 MP3 will be laughable and make it sound like you compressed it to 128kbps


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