My Horrid SUCCESS Story

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    I want to tell you what it is for me, my little story of success,

    My name is Ibsen aka (Ibsen Producer), I am from Venezuela.

    For 10 years I started producing music, after 5 years of this I was able to market my beats and little by little I was making a name locally in my city, this helped me a lot to invest in new equipment.

    in 2015 with the sales of beats regionally and with a lot of effort I built my first HOME STUDIO,

    (photo of my HOME STUDIO)

    to offer a higher quality and a comfortable place to my clients.

    But this was not so, because perhaps as many know and as many do not, in the last years my country goes through a hyper inflation.

    This means that if something costs $ 50, the next week will increased to $ 150 due to the inflation and relationship of local currency with respect to the dollar (Bsf / dollars), sounds crazy not? but that's how it is.

    Due to this my clients had difficulty paying the prices of my productions despite having an affordable price, I had to raise the prices at every moment, to be able to pay bills.

    In the middle of 2015 I began to offer my works online, since they could pay me in Dollars and so my money was not devalued due to inflation.

    I knew that beats were sold online and this would be a great opportunity also to offer my services, since 03/2016 I started selling beats online in @soundgine, the first month I sold my first beat, I was out of town near a town and I did not have internet, I got a message on my phone that sold a beat, I still remember how excited he was, I had read how hard it is to sell your first beat, I felt proud and knew that I was on the right track.

    Thanks to show my catalog and my website, I have sold my beats on my website, beats customized by PAYPAL and in other pages.

    That helped me a lot economically in VENEZUELA, so much so that I left the university because it took a lot of time, a professional earns a salary that can not pay the bills, and I lived selling beats / services online.

    Every time things worsened in my country, until I decided to leave my country because of insecurity, hyperinflation, etc.

    I moved to Colombia in September 2017, all this thanks to selling beats and services online, here I also dedicate myself to the same, now I am starting from 0, but very positive.

    Here the movement of music is great and I want to start again, also to work locally.

    Maybe my story sounds a bit of terror with emotion haha, but what I want to make you understand is that despite many adversities, perseverance in your work will bring many benefits, never get away from what they like to do.

    You just have to work hard and be constant !!

    Thanks to all those who participate in the forum, clarify doubts and @soundgine for the great work they have done with the website.

    PD: sorry for my English ^_^;

    (video of the launch of my HOME STUDIO in 2015)

  2. killtraxxx

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    Man you left school to do music, as Mark Cuban would say, "Man, you're all in"
    No doubt you hustle hard and this is what a lot of producers lack.

    Well done and thanks for your story.

  3. Nice looking studio, thanks for sharing your story. What's crazy is some producers quit when they upload beats, make 1 post on Facebook, and wait for sales to come pouring in, then they quit and say selling beats in whack, lol
    They spend 10x more energy trying to get that girl.

    Not only do you face the challenge of selling beats in general, but also economic obstacles, so kudos to you for being resilient.

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    Great story...I hope you much success in the future. God bless

  5. DreClem

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    Great story bro!


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