need help setting up blog

  1. last week
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    anyone has a lil more experience on the blogkit?
    I been trying to have comments on my post.
    I discover not all theme support it, I got pass that and I found one I like and supports both facebook comment and disqus.
    But I still can`t have comments on my post.
    I have added my facebook app ID I don't have Disqus. still no resolve.
    is there any other thing I need to do? am I missing something ?

  2. mixscape

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    i dont know for DISQUS but with facebook its working for me (ive tested with the same theme)

    you can see it in action on my french blog : Musique Libre de Droit

    Have you tried to check the "Enable comments by default" Box ?

  3. yeh I tried to enable comment by default but it won`t stay checked. I check it save and when I come back to it, it is unchecked! weird!

  4. mixscape

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    yeah i know, it is unchecked for me too but i ve got comments. Are you sure your facebook ID is the good one ?

    @soundgine any idea ?

  5. I think so I went to my FB page or does it has to be my FB profile?


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