Changing Default Album Art?

  1. last week


    Jan 4 User since 2017 BC, Canada + 34 RP

    Greetings Soundgine community! Just wondering if there's anyone who has run into this issue, but I swapped the image I had in my Hydra player a few days ago and for some reason it's reverted back to the previous image. Which is fine, the problem being I cannot switch the image back. After I choose the image and update, I get a Settings Updated Successfully, but without any change in image. Ideas? Any input would be great

  2. Soundgine

    Jan 5 Administrator User since 2014 Answer Los Angeles + 13810 RP

    All you need to do is clear your browser cache and refresh the page, you'll see the newly uploaded thumb.

  3. Wheatz

    Jan 5 User since 2017 BC, Canada + 34 RP

    You guys are awesome! Thank you for your help


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