Hey guys, new member here

  1. last year

    Hey guys! Just joined here yesterday. After weeks of research about the different beat selling sites it was clear that Soundgine was the best option. Very excited to be a part of the community and intend to be a very active member of these forums. If you guys wouldn't mind checking out my site and giving some feedback on what I have so far it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!!


  2. OHLY

    3 Jan 2018 Administrator User since 2015 London - Los Angeles + 1221 RP

    Howdy' @BaastaBeats'

    Welcome and you clearly made the right choice (o^_^o)
    Great start, one thing I should point out right away is the resolution of your header image for the player. You want things to look crisp and clear. The image recommendation there is 1224 x 324

    I would also use a png for your logo (see attached) so you can remove the white background and will make it look really clean, see attachment for an example.

    There are some really REALLY gorgeous Hydra around, so get some inspiration

    Your beats sound fantastic! Nice flow and laid back.

  3. Griffin

    3 Jan 2018 Power Contributor User since 2015 Colorado + 1080 RP

    '@BaastaBeats' Welcome to Soundgine bro.
    Yeah, I'd work on the look of your Hydra, more color of your text and image quality.
    Your beats are dope so good look there.


  4. an0nym0u5beats

    3 Jan 2018 Power Contributor User since 2016 Los Angeles + 1969 RP

    '@BaastaBeats' Welcome to Soundgine ;)

  5. DaButtafingaz

    3 Jan 2018 User since 2016 Bronx NY + 180 RP

    Welcome to the community. You made the best choice. Beats are on point.

  6. '@OHLY'' @Griffin' Thanks so much for the info guys I will definitely be working on that today.

  7. '@BaastaBeats' Welcome to the community fam. Set up your store, work on contracts, tags, and everything else. Keep checking the forums for all information (need to know and how to's)

  8. PixelSashay

    4 Jan 2018 Power Contributor User since 2015 2 4 6 + 2424 RP


    (o^_^o) B)


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