Long pause before beat plays on music players

  1. 3 weeks ago


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    Just wondering about the stalling on the music players in the beginning of each song/beat before it actually plays. Any way that can be fixed?

  2. killtraxxx

    Dec 26 User since 2017 SF + 482 RP

    I asked this last year and these are the things that fixed the issue

    1. Don't upload high-quality demo's for your preview beat. You can go back and replace just the demo file. Try to keep the demo file between 3-4 MB. I used to have the demo beats in excess of 10mb in size and that's too much to ask for in terms of streaming online especially mobile devices with lower bandwidth.

    (No, I did not lose business by having lower quality previews, in fact my sales went up because loading time decreased drastically)

    2. Remove album art from your beats. I used to have album art hardcoded in the metatag, removing them helped me the most in this case. I'm not talking about adding thumbnails to your beats with Soundgine, I'm talking about album art embedded in your beat before uploading.

    3. Disable the voicetag. Instead burn the voicetag in your production. If you rely on the the voicetag going over your beat now you have 2 streams of audio being forced, better to have just one stream.

    You didn't specify whether you meant desktop players of mobile devices.
    I'm guessing you meant mobile since desktop players play instantly for me.

    When dealing with quick loading for mobile. Optimize, Optimize, Optimize.

    Happy Holidays.

  3. 80z

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    @killtraxxx is correct.

    Remove the album art embedded from your beats. Had the issue and removing the album art fixed the issue.
    I use this program to remove the art, then re-upload the demo beat.



  4. Jarvis

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    These guys are correct.

    I went ahead and removed the artwork and tags from the first 3 beats and as you can see, they play almost right away. http://www.phantompoweredbeats.com/

    I used MP3 tag and dragged the beats in the interface.

    Right-click and remove the tags


    Then re-upload the demo beats here:
    Click on "Change"


    I recommend you upload demos at 190kbps, most of our highest earners keep it at that quality. It's a sweet spot from quality and good loading speed. Just a suggestion.

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    i never understood this part are we uploading the beat twice? and how do we do that is it you upload the full beat then go to change and upload a smaller version of the beat

  6. Soundgine

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    @sontwisted if you are using the auto-populate feature then yes, but it's not required. For people concerned about optimization, then it's something you should consider.

    Replace your high-quality preview track with an optimized one by going to the upload beats section, and change it by clicking the link below the play button.


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